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I suppose it’s the creative side in me that says don’t throw that out, paint it and use it over there!  But there is also a side of me that says, that is a perfectly good piece of furniture I can’t just toss into the dump or give it away.  So, what do you do with a furniture item that you have looked at for 20 years, and quite honestly if you have to look at it for one more minute, you just might change your mind and toss it to the curb?  My suggestion is to Repurpose those unused or outdated furniture items.   Doing so is a great way to breathe new life into your space for a fraction of the cost of replacing, and also helps to Reduce the stress on our landfills.
One of my favorite furniture Repurpose projects was this dated solid oak dresser. . .


Technique: The entire oak surface was sanded down in prep for stain.  Door front inserts were removed and recycled iron scrolls from an unused CD tower were attached to create new doors open to the wine storage.  An accent color was added and this not so exciting dresser was beautifully transformed and Repurposed for it’s new location in the Wine Lounge, formerly an unused living room.



And, are you one of the millions of homeowners not liking your builder grade bathroom vanity…try this!


Technique:  Leaving the laminate counter attached, the entire vanity surfaces were quickly sanded and paint applied to the wood.  Door fronts were covered with leather.  Tiles were then applied to the counter top and edges.  Paint, leather and the installation of new plumbing fixtures, updated this builder grade cabinet into a beautifully Renewed addition for any bath.


However, if you must give up your unused furniture items, bath vanities, kitchen cabinets, building materials, etc., consider contacting your nearest salvage company.  Many building material salvage companies will come to your home and remove cabinets and counters, sinks, faucets, hardware, used bricks, etc., etc., at no cost to you.  Items are then hauled to their storefront and made available to the public for sale.  Those items that are no longer any use to you, can be another shopper’s buy of the century.  My clients love this arrangement…totally a win, win situation for everyone and the environment.  As great ideas go, this ranks top on my list!
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