Interior Design | Laundry Room Madness Reply

Every home has those tricky rooms that just don’t function the way you need them to. One room that always seems to have an issue with proper function, not to mention beauty, is the laundry room.

Most homes are given a space for laundry that is almost an afterthought allowing little to no room to get your daily tasks done and no room for desperately needed storage.

Do you attempt to work in a space that doubles as a passageway to/from the garage, a laundry system located in a hallway behind bi-fold doors, or an awkward area way too small to fold clothes, iron your favorite blouse or line dry your fine washables?  Many homeowners do.   Let’s see, go ahead and take our poll. 

With a little creativity and some big storage ideas, you can transform your laundry room madness into attractive, functioning space saving areas.  Check out these beautiful and functional laundry spaces.

Design Dilemma | Laundry Room

This bright open space utilizes every square inch of the wall space to create a well organized functional laundry room, complete with entertainment.

Design Dilemma | Laundry Room

Tile, not just for kitchens and baths!  The addition of the tiled wall, countertop, and upper cabinet storage with a drying bar, creates a beautiful yet functional compact laundry system behind bi-fold doors.

Design Dilemma | Laundry Room

Adding a countertop over your washer and dryer allows adequate room for folding clothes and sorting socks at a comfortable height.  No more hauling freshly cleaned laundry to the sofa to fold!

Design Dilemma | Laundry Room

Hidden pull out storage is a must in small spaces . . .

Design Dilemma | Laundry Room

Design Dilemma | Laundry Room

If you are having trouble maximizing the space and storage while keeping an organized and beautiful laundry room, send us your questions, we are happy to help design your space!


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