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Do you have white or nondescript ceilings in your home?  Ceilings are the most neglected design canvases I find in most residential homes.  Today I want everyone to look up and have an “a-ha moment” about what you can do to liven up your rooms with a simple ceiling treatment!

When redesigning or decorating your space, never forget to add interest to the ceiling.  Painting a motif, adding an accent color, or simply attaching an architectural detail to your ceiling will change the entire look of the space.

Here are a few examples of creative ideas to add interest and décor to your home.


Photo courtesy of

What a fresh idea and great way to incorporate a very stylish design trend we are seeing for 2013-2014 Design Trends


Striped ceilings are bold and beautiful.


Photo courtesy of Houzz

Loving the ceiling motif applied to this space.

ZigZag_Beverly of MiZen Design

Photo courtesy of Beverly of MiZen Design

This chevron pattern on the ceiling can be accomplished by first painting the entire ceiling in flat paint, then taping out the chevron pattern and painting between the lines with a water based glaze.  Tada!


Photo courtesy of Houzz

Architectural details such as coffered ceilings are popular in entryways and dining areas…notice the accent color inside the coffer?  What a nice touch to bring interest to the ceiling, and it’s simple and easy to do.

Have a ceiling design dilemma?  Email us your photos, we are glad to help!

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