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Wow, I feel so guilty missing my blog post on the 4th of July!  Did you miss me!?  I took some well needed time away and ate lots of yummy food, spent fun times with family and friends and enjoyed the bombs bursting in air, but the party’s over and it’s back to work!

It’s not always a simple task finding an interesting topic to blog each week, but while commenting on design dilemma questions for Houzz, I noticed that the most popular questions are those asking for help choosing the perfect paint color for their spaces.  So, I figured let’s start a mini-blogging series all about color and paint…

When designing a space I begin by identifying my color inspiration.  Inspirations can be found in an accessory, a photo from your favorite vaca, a special fabric, food, etc., etc.  I like to keep in mind that my color palette helps to guide my final design decisions throughout the entire project.  For some great ideas on where to find color inspirations, check out

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of Design-Seeds

Photo courtesy of Design-Seeds

Photo courtesy of Design-Seeds

Photo courtesy of Design-Seeds

Here’s a fun tool to help you identify and create your custom color palettes just like a pro.  Click on by Sherwin Williams, it’s a fantastic tool and really easy to use.  All you need is a photo of your inspiration and a few minutes…they do the rest!  Here are a couple palettes I created from photos taken from my journeys.

Flowers by the seashore...Corinne Gail Interior Design

Flowers by the seashore…photo courtesy of Corinne Gail Interior Design

If you are not happy with any of the initial colors, you can change them up with a simple click of the mouse.  Also, visit your paint specialist who can help make simple color adjustments for just the right palette.

Photo courtesy of Corinne Gail Interior Design

Photo courtesy of Corinne Gail Interior Design

Once you have created your custom color palette, select your favorite 3 harmonizing colors; 1 main wall color, 1 ceiling color, and 1 accent color.  Choosing 3 colors will get you started, but feel free to add more if you want to paint trims, millwork or work with an additional accent color.

Remember, the sky is the limit when it comes to finding color inspirations, and even that could be a beautiful inspiration!

What inspires you?  Email us your design inspirations and “Lets Chip It” samples, we would love to see them.  Next week we will talk about why your paint is behaving badly …

Happy chipping!

Corinne Gail

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