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It’s my pleasure to write a guest post for Corinne today, but just how did that come about?

I happened to see one of Corinne’s posts- Design Dilemma/Ceiling 101, and emailed her that Casart could be an answer to practically every dilemma illustrated.  In fact, we think of the ceiling as the fifth wall!  Here’s a customized world map installed on a ceiling.


In fact, all of our products are offered in both Regular and Casart Light  our repositionable material specifically for the ceiling (and also walls). This lets anyone be the creative genius for decorating that often overlooked space — except when looking up.

Corinne said she’d like to know more about the product and thought her readers would too, and asked if I’d like to do a guest post so here I am.

Casart® (pronounced “Kaz-art”), meaning “art for your home”, offers the look of traditional decorative finishes and modern wallcovering designs on a self-adhesive vinyl canvas that can be easily repositioned, removed and reused.  Vinyl is a practical, eco-friendly, sustainable by-product of salt and depending on where you live, it can often be recycled.  Because it is so durable and can be reused, unlike traditional wallpaper, no paper is used or extra glue/ materials are needed to apply and reapply.

What makes Casart different from the other “peel-and-stick” products?

For starters, Casart is very durable and our Casart Regular material is graded for both residential and commercial use.  It is 52” wide.  It is available in more than one weight and texture.  Any design can be customized.  Casart can be removed without leaving any residue behind.  It can be re-rolled onto its backing sheet when removing and also reused.  It can be applied to most any smooth surface such as glass, Lucite, metal, and wood and not just walls!  It is ideal for homeowners who like to decorate seasonally, for students to personalize their dorm space, and for renters who may not be able to alter their walls.  But if you love it, you don’t have to take it down!  Just be aware that not all repositionable wallcoverings are the same as you will see in this video.

It’s said that one picture is worth a thousand words, so I’m going to let the pictures speak for Casart’ versatility.

An over-all floral like Flower Power adds an unexpected pop to a nursery or a girl’s room.


 What if you’re a guy and don’t want a floral theme? Just one individual or combined stripes and patterns can be perfect for any man cave space and add pizazz without breaking the bank!


Wouldn’t this faux padded headboard change a dorm room from drab to decorated?


Or add a piece of Casart like this blue Faux Linen right over the glass on a picture frame for a one-of-a-kind headboard.


Casart can go right over Casart as illustrated with the Artichoke from the Botanicals placed over the Faux Padded  Harlequin.


Tired of looking at those scuffed stair risers?  Look at the difference the Cabo Blue and Cream Faux tile makes in these stairs.

Casart_Faux-Tile-Stair-Risers_wmWant a conversation piece?  Tell a story with Woodland Stream on your stair risers.

interior stair

You don’t have to cover an entire room.  An accent wall can make a big statement.

3D render modern interior of dining-room

There are many more designs on our website where you’ll also find additional illustrations in our gallery.

Thank you Corinne for this opportunity to share my enthusiasm for Casart’s features with you and your readers. We look forward to seeing all the creative decorating ideas they can think of with Casart. The possibilities are endless. If anyone has any questions, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help you.

Lorre Lei Jackson

Thank you Lorre Lei for sharing your product knowledge with us today!

Corinne Gail

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