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No longer are design centers just for textiles, furnishings and the occasional chotsky.  Centers around the country are diversifying their “to the trade” offerings as a response to the difficult economic times that has forced so many showrooms to close, downsize and relocate out of the design districts.

As a designer in the Seattle area, it has been very bothersome to witness the demise of so many reputable businesses, as well as the hustling bustling atmosphere within the Seattle Design Center (SDC).  However, as much as change is not always a welcomed event. . .change can be good.

“When one door closes, another one opens!”

The forward thinking to open fine art galleries within the design center has not only re-sparked much needed energy and improved my confidence in economic recovery, it has added the convenience of fine art selections to my one-stop shopping for my clients, and that’s a win, win in my book!

Last month I had the pleasure of visiting one of SDC’s fine art galleries, Kate Alkarni Gallery, and I truly appreciated the warm welcome, meeting local and international artists, and previewing all the fabulous fine art on display.


Photo courtesy of Kate Alkarni.

Whether you are living in or just visiting the Seattle area, I encourage you to get out and visit the SDC and their fine art galleries. . .and be sure to stop in and say hello to Kate!

Email us if you would like to plan a visit to the SDC and/or learn more about our interior design services.

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Corinne Gail

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