About Corinne Gail Reply

Corinne Gail Sadowsky knows that design and happiness are tightly correlated. An internationally accredited designer, Corinne’s commitment to creating uplifting, fresh environments is rooted by a passion for healthier lifestyles for her clients. Inspired by the natural beauty and energy of the Pacific Northwest, Corinne specializes in design for all ages for private residential design models and public space designs.  She is equipped with a BFA in Interior Architecture and Design and possesses a knack for seeing old objects in a new light, especially with an eco-conscious perspective.

“Every space is considered to be an expression of the lives within…
 Every detail expresses the personality of it’s owners.”
                                                                                      ~William Morris

Corinne’s devotion to design’s impact on wellness is backed by globally recognized certifications and coverage.  Since 2010, Corinne Gail has held the position of university adjunct instructor instructing CIDA accredited interior architecture and design courses to students around the world.  Corinne is an active member of the design community and member of MBA Pierce Master Builders, the Design Professionals Council, and Nahb.

Healthy spaces are created with the right materials and vision. Corinne’s aptitude for ambience is constantly fueled by a holistic thirst for life—travel, food, wine—that lends a balanced influence to all of the work she creates. Let her create your happy place.


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