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Healthier paint choices

Did you know that the average home’s interior air is three times more polluted than outdoor air, and that interior paints are often the prime suspect for the source of this indoor air pollution?  Even long after that fresh paint smell disappears, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) can continue to be released into the air you breathe for many years.  The good news is, there are paint alternatives available that will help combat VOC air pollution inside the home.  For a healthier environment inside and out, we suggest using low to zero-VOC professional paints for all your project needs.

AFM Safecoat: AFM Safecoat offers a zero-VOC line called Ayurveda Essence available in 108 colors. Environmentally responsible, sustainable and non-polluting paints, stains, wood finishes, sealers.

Anna Sova: Zero-VOC Organic Healthy Wall Finishes containing 99% food grade ingredients.

Benjamin Moore: Natura waterborne interior paint is environmentally friendly with low VOCs.

Bioshield: Natural raw ingredient Clay and Casein paints; just add water to ready-to-mix powder.

Devine Color: Devine Color is luxuriously creamy and coats walls abundantly with a soft, lush finish that’s durable and washable. It’s low odor, zero VOC (as calculated by EPA method 24).

Devoe Wonder-Pure: Devoe Wonder-Pure line is odor free and can be applied without sanding.

Dunn-Edwards: Greener by design® low odor, ethylene glycol free paint was created for use in schools, hospitals, hotels, homes and other closed-ventilation buildings.

Farrow & Ball: Water based Eco friendly with low or minimal VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds).

Green Planet Paints: Green Planet Paints® earth-friendly paint, truly sustainable paint that is tough, durable, and long lasting.

Miller Paint: Acro Pure a < 6 g/L VOC product line & Acri-Lite Exterior Acrylic one of the lowest exterior VOC levels.

Mythic Paint: Mythic Paint is a non-toxic, ultra low odor paint.

Olympic Premium: A Green Seal Certification paint awarded the Home Safety Council’s Commendation Awards for Product Innovation for Consumer Safety.

Reborn: 28 subtle tones of high quality, low carbon, matt emulsion eco paint available in the UK.

Sherwin-Williams: The Harmony line is low to zero-VOCs, uses sustainable raw materials like soy and sunflower oil in their formulation to keep solvent content low.

Yolo Colorhouse: Specifically designed for interiors, this water-based, Green Seal Certified, zero-VOCs paint is available in 40 colors.


Healthier cleaning products

More and more clients are asking us for information on which cleaning products are healthier to use in the home and office.  Although we have a few favorites, those particular products may not be available in your area. However, there are many cleaning alternatives vs. chemicals available on the market today, and we encourage you to explore and decide for yourself which products & techniques will be the right fit for your lifestyle.

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA):  Provides overview as to why choosing less hazardous products that have positive environmental attributes (e.g., biodegradability, low toxicity, low volatile organic compound (VOC) content, reduced packaging, low life cycle energy use) can improve indoor air quality, and reduce water and ambient air pollution in the home and office.

Environmental Working Group: EWG’s Guide to Healthy Cleaning contains information and safety assessments and practical solutions for 2,109 products, 197 brands and more than 1,000 ingredients to protect yourself and your family from everyday exposures to potentially harmful chemicals.

eartheasy:  Solutions for Sustainable Living…100% non-toxic home cleaning products ensures that you, your children and pets can enjoy a clean home without compromising your health. Check out the links to make your own formulas, techniques and products for cleaning in your home.

care2: 5 Basics for Non-Toxic Cleaning –  Learning to clean from scratch—making homemade recipes—can truly work if you take time to understand a bit about the chemistry behind how the materials work. Here are the five ingredients that they find to be the safest, most effective, and useful for cleaning.

Contact us if you would like to add to our Free Resource list to healthier living. We would love to hear about your favorite healthier products.