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We solve design dilemmas

Whether you want to give your space a refreshing update, or are looking for a whole new design to match your lifestyle, our flexible in-house and online Designs to GO! services  for private residential, kitchen and bath, and public spaces are here to support you.

Our services span all elements of everyday living, including:

  • Consultations such as new projects, remodels, renovations, color, kitchen and bath, outdoor living, and more.
  • Space planning spanning from furniture placement to finding the perfect locations for your closets and baths.
  • Universal design for all ages; consultations, assessments, recommendations, and design implementation.
  • Lifestyle planning to match your life and style both for special needs and future plans.
  • Healthy options to give you the very best sustainable materials, finishes, and furnishings.
  • Kitchen and bath cabinets, appliances, plumbing fixtures and materials.
  • Custom touches like furniture, drapery, accents, and fine art to pull your space together.
  • Wall treatments from color applications, wall coverings and ceiling treatments.
  • Lighting plans, assessments for recommendations on energy efficiency and placement.
  • Home staging and decorating.

Why hire us?

We create exceptional experiences.  As professional interior designers with expert experience and knowledge, we advocate efficiency and value so clients have the most positive experiences possible.  We are here to help you plan, execute, and manage your project every step of the way.  We prioritize:

  • Careful project planning upfront to prevent costly mistakes.
  • Saving time through sharing visions from the get-go for efficiency.
  • Creating professionally designed spaces to increase home values.
  • Exclusive trade-only resources for our clients for reputable, reliable, and quality design.

Every client is special and we ensure that all spaces are uniquely designed to fit their lifestyles.  We take the time to understand your needs and work with you to create perfect design solutions to fit your lifestyle.

Project questions? Contact us to discuss your project needs.

 Client reviews

We are very grateful to all of our clients that welcomed us to be a part of their design journeys.  Thank you!

“I am writing to express my joy of working with Corinne on my kitchen/dining room remodel. I have used Corinne’s services before and had no reservation about hiring her again. The initial consultation laid out the basic framework of the project, cost targets, do it myself areas, and what help I needed. We had numerous calls and trading of ideas while I commenced the demolition phase. Together we organize reuse of materials and prospective contractors. Corinne has a wide network of contacts and knows where to go to get superior deals on replacement parts. Since the project involved a great deal of DIY work the duration stretched out. Corinne’s patience and persistence has paid off in the final product: a kitchen that is gorgeous and will stand the test of time. And .. being color blind I rely on Corinne to make sure all the components work together to create a warm environment.” K.M.D
“I am so grateful to Corinne for her energy and excitement she put into my studio design, and for holding my hand and making it happen!!  I am so thankful to her and her talents, great ideas, guidance, and for the added surprises I received on “decorating day”.  All of my clients and myself can enjoy the new look, feel, and energy she created in my studio!! I love it!!!” J.M.W.
“I am extremely satisfied with results of my remodel. Ms. Gail did an outstanding job of showing me multiple options to remodel my kitchen, dining room and living room. She was very professional and showed up to appointments on time and prepared. When people come to visit me they comment on how well everything looks. When I remodel the rest of my house next year she will be the one I hire.” W.E.
“I have hired Corinne 3 times now for home interior remodeling. In each case she has met with me and reviewed my initial sketches. She then went off to look at the project with a fresh set of eyes. Corinne then sends her ideas and photos with potential layouts/materials asking me to rate them. Through an iterative dialog we are able to create a well balanced, eye catching design. At that point it becomes easy to implement. As Corinne says the project is made in the planning stage and she is 100% correct. I very much enjoy the finished project and that is what is really important.” D.K.
“I wanted to remodel my kitchen but did not know where to begin. Corinne helped me every step of the way. She offered valuable guidance and suggestions on materials and colors and she took the time to go with me to various suppliers and worked hard to get the best possible prices. She has an excellent eye for detail and I’ll definitely want to use her expertise again.” C.M.
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