Interior Design |Go Bold Front Door Curb Appeal Reply

With summer almost in full effect we find ourselves spending more time in the great outdoors sprucing up our homes with colorful flowers, plants and paint.  For a quick and easy inexpensive way to add pop to your home’s curb appeal consider a front door overhaul.  Check out these stunning first impressions to inspire your creative side.


This complementary color scheme of traditional red brick, spring fresh green door and yellow accents creates an inviting welcome to guests.

4e7125b30d434295_4566-w406-h406-b0-p0--modern-exteriorOrange is hot, hot, hot this season and a perfect pop of color with gray…why not!?

15Surf’s up on this whimsical summertime entry…blue hydrangeas, yellow surf board and coral door speaks oceans of fun!

923228_10151410609018341_1805112035_nGreens borrowed from nature’s palette creates a sense peacefulness and will be a beautiful additional to all entries.  To learn more on how experts apply color to your world click here.

bright-red-door-lRed is energetic and always welcoming!  In the art of feng shui, the front door is very important because it is through this door that brings you positive energy to your life (happy home, happy people).  One feng shui tip…if your entry door faces South, choose a Fire Element color such as red, orange or a strong pink.

HCRB102_yellow-front-door_s4x3_lgThis bold and bright color combination just screams summertime…and what a show stopper this would be in your neighborhood.

To create a quick and easy inexpensive curbside appeal for your home, choose paint!  Don’t be afraid to go bold and pick a door color that is outside of your comfort zone, after all it’s just paint.  Color questions?  Contact us today for all your color needs, we would love to help!


Interior Design | Laundry Room Madness Reply

Every home has those tricky rooms that just don’t function the way you need them to. One room that always seems to have an issue with proper function, not to mention beauty, is the laundry room.

Most homes are given a space for laundry that is almost an afterthought allowing little to no room to get your daily tasks done and no room for desperately needed storage.

Do you attempt to work in a space that doubles as a passageway to/from the garage, a laundry system located in a hallway behind bi-fold doors, or an awkward area way too small to fold clothes, iron your favorite blouse or line dry your fine washables?  Many homeowners do.   Let’s see, go ahead and take our poll. 

With a little creativity and some big storage ideas, you can transform your laundry room madness into attractive, functioning space saving areas.  Check out these beautiful and functional laundry spaces.

Design Dilemma | Laundry Room

This bright open space utilizes every square inch of the wall space to create a well organized functional laundry room, complete with entertainment.

Design Dilemma | Laundry Room

Tile, not just for kitchens and baths!  The addition of the tiled wall, countertop, and upper cabinet storage with a drying bar, creates a beautiful yet functional compact laundry system behind bi-fold doors.

Design Dilemma | Laundry Room

Adding a countertop over your washer and dryer allows adequate room for folding clothes and sorting socks at a comfortable height.  No more hauling freshly cleaned laundry to the sofa to fold!

Design Dilemma | Laundry Room

Hidden pull out storage is a must in small spaces . . .

Design Dilemma | Laundry Room

Design Dilemma | Laundry Room

If you are having trouble maximizing the space and storage while keeping an organized and beautiful laundry room, send us your questions, we are happy to help design your space!

Interior Design | Trends 2013-2014 1

Just spent an amazing few days at Design Camp Seattle…Camp was a power packed adventure featuring guest speakers from the wonderful world of design such as interior design trend forecaster and former founder of V&M unique vintage furniture, antiques, art, jewelry, fashion and design, Bill Indursky.  Here are just a few trends to keep a lookout for through 2014 . . .


Lighter wood tones take center stage this year, especially in architectural detailing beam ceilings, but you will also see these lighter wood tones used throughout interior spaces as shown here with Paula Deen Home – Down Home Visiting Table in oatmeal.


I’m just loving the newspaper pattern play by Georgina and the Alpha ottoman from ArmanLiving.   These types of patterns are hitting the marketplace and I think they are just fabulous and so much fun as conversation pieces you can add to almost any space.


Also, you may have already noticed the super saturated colors and geometrical patterns available.  Can you see Majestic Home’s Zazzle pillow, Plantation Cube pouf or Links pillow in an outdoor setting and scattered throughout living spaces for that perfect pop of color!?  I can.


Simplistic, minimalism rusted patina metallics play an important role this year as well…beautiful combinations of raw metals and natural stones can be show stoppers in your space.


As for what’s ahead…keep it classical people.  We are already seeing the classical roots back to Roman antiquity debuting in Trompe de l’oeil wall murals, wallpaper and modernized marble busts. . .what have you seen?

Contact us today for more ideas on how you can incorporate these wonderful design trends into your space!

Interior Design | Bellevue Towers Inspired by Barbara Barry Reply

This past week we were very excited to be invited to an open house tour of the Bellevue Tower’s Pent House that was designed using inspiring Barbara Barry furniture.  With views that swept the Northwest’s beautiful landscape to use of nicely scaled furniture and soft colors took advantage of not only the amazing view but the layout of the Pent House.

We have seen grays be a dominate color pallet for a while now and finding the perfect gray that has a nice proportion of color without losing the soft gray undertone can be a challenge. At the Bellevue Tower’s Pent House the designer used a beautiful gray that was infused with a soft purple.

This soft gray purple was used throughout the main living and dining area as well as in the guest bath and den off the main areas. With different tones and intensities throughout the spaces you where gently lead from one space to another.

20130417_182837  20130417_184137  20130417_184156

20130417_182919   20130417_182800

The soft gray purple deepened once you reached the Pent House master suite to a deeper cool gray that was used both as a paint treatment, wallpaper and in accents throughout the space. The overall effect of the master suite was clam and relaxing.


20130417_183221   20130417_183251   20130417_183301

What do you think of the gray pallet that was used in the Bellevue Tower’s Pent House?? Need help finding the perfect gray for your space? Just ask for help!

Corinne Gail Interior Design

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Interior Design | Adding the perfect Pop of Wallpaper Reply

In the trend of bringing back the past, wallpaper has been a design staple for centuries and today’s wallpaper can be a perfect application for any style. From traditional to modern there is a wallpaper out there for everyone! Here are some on-trend wallpapers that we are excited about.
Image courtesy of Southern Hospitality
Image courtesy of  Schumacher
Image courtesy of Schumacher 
 Image courtesy of Decor Pad

Image courtesy of Schumacher

 Image courtesy of House Beautiful
From a small accent in a room to the main focal point, these wallpapers are perfect for today’s perfect room. Is there a pattern that inspires you??
Corinne Gail Interior Design
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Interior Design | Brass is Back! Reply

Forget about that shinny 80’s brass – today’s brass is back and in a good way. With a more rich and natural finish incorporating a splash of brass into your home adds great texture and style. And don’t worry, just because you have found one great brass piece doesn’t mean that all of your finishes throughout your room have to be brass too!
Image courtesy of Apartment Therapy
 Image courtesy of West Elm
 Image courtesy of Jonathan Adler
 Image courtesy of Gregory Mellor
Image courtesy of Decor Hacks
What do you think of this updated trend??
Don’t be afraid to bring in a pop of brass. The best way to start is with a small sculpture, lamp or accent fixture!
Have questions or need ideas how to incorporate this great trend into your home? Ask us for help!
Corinne Gail Interior Design
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Kitchens and Baths | Bathroom Cabinets Reply

Whether you are considering doing a complete bathroom overhaul or planning on re-vamping your existing bathroom fixture, there are a lot of elements to consider. Let’s start with the bathroom vanity. The bathroom vanity is usually the largest piece of furniture and the main source of storage in any bathroom. But it is important to not only focus on having a functional vanity but an aesthetically pleasing piece of furniture for your room too.

Image courtesy of HGTV.Ca
 Image courtesy of All Design
 Image courtesy of Coddington Design
Image courtesy of Cuppett Architects
If you are not planning on gutting 100% of your bathroom, then it might be wise to consider refinishing your existing vanity cabinet with paint or decorative trim details. A little pop of color can completely transform any outdated vanity, and adding hardware “jewelry” is the perfect finishing touch.
  Image courtesy of Exuberant Home
Image courtesy of BHG
Finding unique furniture pieces like a sideboard or dresser and renovating it into something new and sophisticated, can also be a beautiful touch for any bathroom.  Keep in mind when searching for the perfect piece of furniture that it needs to provide room for storage and that the cabinet is large enough to accommodate the necessary plumbing.
We hope that you find inspiration either in your existing vanity or in a unique piece that calls to you! If you would like some guidance with putting your next room together or need some questions answered about a tricky vanity project, don’t hesitate to ask!
Corinne Gail Interior Design


Kitchens and Baths | Shower Perfection Reply

As we discussed last week, one of our current projects is a master bathroom remodel. With this new project the discussion of replacing a large soaking tub with a shower experience is a direction that we are finding is becoming quite popular for today’s busy clients.
Image courtesy of MJ Construction
Image courtesy of Millennium Cabinetry


Real Estate Pro Articles shares that “A shower is more practical and economical in your home renovation than a bathtub. For those who always have a hectic schedule can always appreciate the advantage of a shower than a luxurious tub. Showers also provide relaxation benefits depending on the kind you choose to install. The soothing water in your shower helps relieve stress. Showers are wonderful if you have limited space in your bathroom. Showers also guaranty an easy drainage system. Installing a simple shower is cost-efficient, easy to install and practical.”
With such “hectic schedules” a well-planned and designed shower can allow you to get the relaxation that you need in a manner that is more practical.
Image courtesy of Webber Studio
With so many ways to create a luxury bathing experience with a shower, is there a need for a tub in our fast paced lives? What would you choose for your dream bathroom?
Need ideas of how to update your warn out bathroom, let us know how we can help.
Corinne Gail Interior Design

Interior Design | The Emerald City – How to Incorporate Emerald into Your Home! Reply

Image courtesy of Pantone
 With Pantone announcing the color of 2013 as Emerald Green, we think it’s time for us who live in the Emerald City, and all those that don’t, to embrace this sophisticated color that is all around us. Emerald can be an intense color to handle and finding the best application that doesn’t overwhelm your room can be hard.

Image courtesy of Examiner
One way to incorporate Emerald into your life is to start with small but impactful ways to bring Emerald in. From a new rug and pillow to a brilliant sconce or new dinnerware, there are many ways to bring the color Emerald into your world. Here are some great accents that can get the ball rolling with helping you add a pop of Emerald.
1. Rug | 2. Dinnerware | 3. Pillow | 4. Sofa | 5. Wall Sconce | 6. Emerald Tile

We hope that you are able to find the perfect Emerald additions for your home and remember we are always here to help. If you would like some guidance with putting your next room together or need some questions answered about a tricky color, do not hesitate to ask!
Corinne Gail Interior Design

Interior Design | Design your next room with the color of Passion RED! Reply

The color red is associated with the feelings of passion, love and desire. These emotional responses to this intense color can be translated in many different ways and when used while designing a space it can be hard to find the balance between too much and just enough. Part of the balance of designing with the color red is to find the prefect hue. Red can be infused with hints of purple and blue to orange and pink. It is important to think of your entire color scheme to make sure you are selecting the perfect red to enhance the overall palette.
Image courtesy of

From a room that is completely infused with red to one that simply uses red for a dramatic pop of color there are many ways to embrace this passionate color. When using red as the main color inspiration layering multiple tints can help to create a more dynamic and visually appealing space.

With such an intense color it is also important to remember to balance it around the room. Having equal levels of red that are disturbed throughout your room will allow your eyes to gracefully move across the room and will create a more cohesive design.
Don’t be afraid to embrace your passion and design with colors that truly inspire you. And remember we are always here to help. If you would like some guidance with putting your next room together or need some questions answered about a tricky color do not hesitate to ask!
Corinne Gail Interior Design